The Benefits of Early Intervention

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Listen to the “PIC Podcasts”

Head Start / Early Head Start FAQs The Private Industry Council discusses frequently asked questions for Head Start and Early Head Start students. Private Industry Council operates the Head Start / Early Head Start program for Beaver and Fayette Counties in the...

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Children grow and learn at their own pace. Some parents may be of the opinion that children will “catch up” to their peers in their own time. While that may be true for some children, recognizing and proactively seeking services when infants, toddlers, or preschoolers seem to be falling behind, are often key to securing future success.

While some children may exhibit age appropriate skills in most developmental areas, others may demonstrate a need for services to address speech delays or demonstrate a need for ongoing, intensive services in all areas of development. Thorough evaluation can pinpoint areas of concern for any child and can address needs accordingly. Head Start/Early Head Start of Fayette County, a program of the Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc., wants all parents to understand what Early Intervention is and the benefits it has for your child(ren).

Early Intervention (Birth to Five) provides a gateway to services for any child who may be demonstrating a 25% delay (or greater) in any area of development. These services are offered at no cost to families and include the following: developmental evaluations, hearing and vision consultation, cognitive special instruction, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavior management, assistive technology, parent training and family support and service coordination. All services are individualized to meet the needs of each child and build upon natural learning opportunities in the child’s environment. Services support collaboration among parents/caregivers, service providers and other related professionals to best meet the needs of each child and family.

You may be wondering who to turn to when you have concerns about your young child’s development. The following contact information can assist you if you live in Beaver, Fayette or Westmoreland County.

Early identification of need, combined with consistency, routine, and follow-through with all recommended services will give your child the greatest opportunity for future success. Best wishes for you and your young child!

Beaver County
If your child is birth to 2 years/9 months, contact:
Early Intervention of Beaver County Direct Services Unit: 724-891-2827
or Achieva- Early Intervention:  724-775-1602
If your child is 2 year/9 months to 5 years of age, contact:
Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit: 724-774-7800 or 724-728-3730

Fayette County
If your child is birth to 2 years/9 months, contact:
Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration/Early Intervention: 724-430-1370
If your child is 2 year/9 months to 5 years of age, contact:
Intermediate Unit 1: 1-800-328-6481

Westmoreland County
If your child is birth to 2 years/9 months, contact:
Achieva-Early Intervention: 724-837-8159
or Westmoreland County Early Intervention: 724-830-3919
If your child is 2 years/9 months to 5 years of age, contact:
Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 7: 724-219-2312

For additional information regarding early intervention in Pennsylvania, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services at:

Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services- Early Intervention:
Beaver County Early Intervention:
Westmoreland County Early Intervention:
Fayette County Early Intervention:
PaTTAN Watch Me Grow Brochure: