Pre-K Counts

What Is PA Pre-K Counts?

PA Pre-K Counts is a no cost to family, high quality pre-kindergarten education for three- and four-year-olds in Pennsylvania funded by the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL)

Pre-K Counts ONLINE Family Application

Laura Rockwell, Assistant Director of Child and Family Services
219 Donohoe Rd.,
Greensburg, PA 15601
724-836-2600 ext. 2215

What Can I Expect For My Child?

We know it’s important to you that your child is equipped to be successful in school. We can give your three- or four-year-old a boost. Key points about our program:

  • Early childhood-certified teaching staff
  • Safe, well-equipped learning environments
  • Curriculum and educational programming designed to help your child be ready for school
  • Meaningful assessment of your child’s abilities
  • Parent participation opportunities
  • Staff/child ratios that permit plenty of one-on-one time with teachers
  • Full-day classes (classes are five days a week for six hours each day)

Who Is Eligible?

  • Children who live in Pennsylvania and
  • Meet the income eligibility guidelines of a family less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and
  • Children who have turned three by the kindergarten cut-off date of the school district in which they reside and
  • Children who are at-risk of school failure due to income, cultural, or special needs issues

Why Should my Child Attend a High Quality Pre-K Program?

  • Quality Pre-K prepares children for reading and math but also for paying attention, following directions, and getting along with others
  • Children who attend a quality early learning program do better in school
  • Quality education today prepares them for high quality jobs tomorrow

What Are The Locations?


  • Burchfield Primary School in Shaler Area School District
  • Marzolf Primary in Shaler Area School District
  • Penn Hills High School in Penn Hills School District
  • Reserve Primary in Shaler Area School District
  • Scott Primary School in Shaler Area School District


  • Todd Lane Elementary in Central Valley School District


  • Ben Franklin Elementary in Uniontown Area School District
  • Connellsville Township Elementary in Connellsville Area School District
  • Hopwood Child Care in Hopwood, PA
  • Lafayette Elementary in Uniontown Area School District
  • Marshall Elementary in Laurel Highland School District
  • Menallen Elementary in Uniontown Area School District
  • Springfield Township Elementary in Connellsville Area School District
  • Wharton Elementary in Uniontown Area School District


  • Southmoreland Elementary in Southmoreland School District
  • Latrobe Elementary in Greater Latrobe School District
  • PIC Kidz Zone in PIC Greensburg Office
  • Frock Child Care in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Locations Subject To Change.

How Do I Apply?

Contact the PA Pre-K Counts program for eligibility and enrollment information at 724-437-2590; PA Pre-K Counts, 112 Commonwealth Dr, Lemont Furnace, PA 15456; or


Shajuanna R.

“After my child started attending Pre-K he started improving by leaps and bounds. The teachers worked with him on his speech delay. They helped him to better work with his peers. The teachers worked with us parents on how to better help my son. I love that the teachers reach out to us parents so we can all get on the same page to help my son better. They kept us involved every step along the way. The communication with the teachers was exceptional. I don’t know where my child would be without this program. I thank the teachers for being patient with my son and helping him develop so beautifully.”

Rebecca T.

“Our son’s experience in Ms. Kim’s Pre-K classroom was truly exceptional and laid the perfect foundation for his journey in public school. Ms. Kim’s engagement with the students was both personalized and well-structured. We witnessed significant growth in our son’s ability to collaborate and his empathy towards the community. Ms. Kim went above and beyond traditional classroom activities, organizing events like the lemonade drive to instill compassion and a sense of charity in the Pre-K students.

We are immensely grateful for our son’s time with Ms. Kim, as it has undoubtedly contributed to his thriving success in elementary school. Her dedication provided him with a strong foundation that continues to benefit him today.”

Brittany W.

“I seen advertisements for Pre-k Counts and enrolled my four year old. I was so impressed with the program.  Ms. Donna and Ms. Hope communicated very well and informed me of my son’s day and if they had any concerns.  Paxton loved getting up every morning, going to school, then coming home to tell me what he learned, which was how to write his name, how to write his numbers (with a catchy song he still sings when writing his numbers) how to play with others and use his listening ears.  His behavior improved so much. I wish I would of started him at the age of 3.  Ms. Donna, Ms. Hope and the program was way more than I was expecting and Paxton loved them.  I recommend this program to everyone I know with toddlers.  I have nothing but great things to say about the program.” 

Shelly F.

“Pre-K Counts is a great program. My daughter went into kindergarten with the skills and confidence needed for a successful year.  And my son was eager to return to Pre-K for another year. He looks forward to every Monday, because he gets to go back to class.  The growth I’ve seen in him is incredible.  I attribute so much of their progress to their amazing teachers, Ms. Donna and Ms. Hope! I will always be grateful for the impact that they have made on both of my children.”

Lisa B.

“Marshall Pre-K 1 is wonderful, and everyone should know it!!”

Heather W.

“Jordyn attended Pre-K for 2 years at Marshall School. She had two wonderful teachers Ms. Donna and Ms. Hope. She learned so much from them and it really prepared her for going to kindergarten. She got a wonderful education during her 2 years at Marshall Pre-K 1.”

Alyssa H.

“The Pre-K Counts program is one of the best around! The teachers and curriculum are great! Mrs. Berger and Mrs. Bonzani are not only very patient, but also do a wonderful job with the children in a friendly and caring environment. My children developed great social and leadership skills. A great program for all children!”

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