Customized Job Training

Job Skills Training

PIC is a Local Education Agency (LEA) because it maintains a state licensed school that is recognized by the Department of Community and Economic Development. PIC is eligible to administer the State Customized Job Training (CJT) Program.

The program’s aim is to provide Pennsylvania businesses with the skilled workforce needed to effectively compete in the global marketplace by meeting the education and training needs of new and current employees.

CJT funds promote projects that result in full-time employment opportunities, significant wage improvements, and retention of otherwise lost jobs.

We can…

  • Assist in developing a customized job training program to meet specific job training needs.
  • Defray the costs of training new employees.
  • Reimburse you, the employer, up to 50% of starting hourly wages for bona fide training period.
  • Adjust the length of training dependent on job complexity and employee’s background.

Please contact Ted Martin, 724-437-2590 ext. 3123, for more information on how we can help you!

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