The drone education program is for students currently in high school and are either a junior or senior. There are two parts to the program; an education portion and a work experience portion. The education portion is 45 hours and will teach the student how to fly a drone and record video / take pictures with the drone. Then the student will take the FAA Part 107 test (which the program pays for) and will qualify the student to be able to fly the drone commercially. For the work experience portion, the student will be placed at a worksite where they will use their new knowledge to make a marketing video or video asset for the worksite. This portion is 40 hours. Both the education and work experience portions are PAID, students will make $9.45 / hour for education portion, and $10.35 for the work experience.

Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the form below to be contacted to learn more about the program and eligibility!  Please call 724-836-2600 x2207 for any more info / questions.


Drone Education Program

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