Corporate Training Center

The Private Industry Council and its Education and Technology Institute are committed to connecting businesses and individuals in this region with essential resources. As part of this effort, we are pleased to provide the corporate training center at our headquarters office at 219 Donohoe Rd., Greensburg, PA (PIC GBG) and at our office located at 112 Commonwealth Drive, Lemont Furnace, PA (PIC LF).

Situated in the picturesque Westmoreland and Fayette countryside’s, our facilities offer a serene atmosphere for meeting or learning.

Our attractive classrooms and computer labs can be adapted to meet your needs. Audio-visual equipment and technical support are also available. Our telecommunications center is particularly valuable in a technologically advanced world.

Download Corporate Training Center Brochure Here

Our facilities include:

  • Training and meeting space in a tiered-seating arrangement in the April Kopas Classroom.
  • Computer labs that accommodate up to 20 people.
  • Versatile traditional classroom seating for 50+.
  • Ample free and convenient parking.


Our telecommunications equipment provides:

  • Access to webinars, satellite broadcasts, and distance learning opportunities.
  • 8 ft by 8 ft drop screen for comfortable viewing.
  • Ability to view and record DISH Network™ exclusive channels for educational, training, and business-related programming.

Our corporate training center includes a variety of room sizes and configurations. Rooms can be set up to accommodate additional seating or your specific needs. The table below shows the number of computers and table seats that are available in each standard room setup.

Rusty Smalley Computer Lab/Classroom (PIC GBG) 18 10
Peter J. Ennis Computer Lab/Classroom (PIC GBG) 6 18
John A. Malone Computer Lab (PIC GBG) 20
Elaine S. Barry Computer Lab (PIC GBG) 18
David R. Hughes Computer Lab (PIC GBG) 12
R. Ted Harhai Classroom (PIC GBG) 16
Stephanie L. Miller Classroom (PIC GBG) 24
Joan A. Tracy Classroom (PIC GBG) 24
Edward Opst Classroom (PIC GBG) 16
Tammie Preston Classroom (PIC GBG) 14
Susan McCarthy Classroom (PIC GBG) 14
Computer Lab (PIC LF) 15
Sherry Taylor (PIC LF)  48
Rose Ziglear (PIC LF) 18
Amy Murray (PIC LF) 24

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