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Today’s Employers: Outlook for Hiring New Employees

Today’s Employers: Outlook for Hiring New Employees

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Listen to the “PIC Podcasts”

Head Start / Early Head Start FAQs The Private Industry Council discusses frequently asked questions for Head Start and Early Head Start students. Private Industry Council operates the Head Start / Early Head Start program for Beaver and Fayette Counties in the...

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Over the past month, elementary and pre-kindergarten students across Beaver, Fayette and Westmoreland counties have been getting excited about healthy eating and Jumping with Jill! The Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. has been bringing the Emmy-nominated Jump with Jill rock and roll nutrition experience to schools across the region. Students from Aliquippa, Ligonier Valley, Monessen and New Brighton School Districts as well as Head Start of Fayette and Beaver Counties have experienced the live concert surrounding nutrition education.

Jill Jayne, MS, RD, is the Rockstar Nutritionist is the creator of the rock & roll nutrition experience, Jump with Jill, where she serves as writer and executive producer. In its tenth year, the Jump with Jill show has been performed to nearly a million kids around the world. In addition to being an accomplished musician, Jill is a Registered Dietitian (RD/RDN) with an MS in Nutrition Education from Teachers College Columbia University and a BS in Nutritional Sciences and Theater from Penn State University.

The students across the region participated in the interactive rock show where they were encouraged to sing and dance to songs including Nature’s Candy and The Bone Rap. Jill, along with her partner DJ, taught the children to:

  • Respect their bodies through healthy choices
  • Fuel their engines with healthy food
  • Get goin’ with breakfast
  • Enjoy Nature’s Candy (aka Fruit!)
  • Power their plates with Superpower Vegetables
  • Exercise daily to compose the Beat of the Body
  • Drink water!
  • Represent with calcium for strong bones


The Private Industry Council first learned about this interactive educational show through the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce and was introduced to Jill by Kim Donnelly, Business Development Director for the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation. A portion of the programs were paid for through the 21st Century Learning Center programs.

For more information about Jump with Jill please view the website at www.jumpwithjill.com

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