What is Early Head Start Childcare Partnership?

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Early Head Start Childcare Partnership (EHS-CCP) is a center-based program for infants and toddlers.  EHS CCP partners with eligible daycares to create EHS CCP infant /toddlers’ rooms within the daycare.

But how is this different from the current head start and Pre k programs?

Early Head Start Childcare Partnership differentiates from Head Start and Pre-K programs which offer childcare funding around the Head Start and Pre-K hours. EHS CCP is from the time the child arrives until the time then leave for the day.  This occurs because EHS CCP is layer funding.

Are you thinking, what is layer funding?

It is when different monies make up one program. In EHS CCP the first layer of funding is Early learning resource center (ELRC) and the second and third layer would be the EHS CCP funding which is broken down by Program Enhancement (layer 2) and Individual Child and Family services (Layer 3).  The first layer (ELRC) is made up of money that helps pay for the childcare costs. The family must receive full-time status within ELRC. The second layer program enhancement provides the resources to support benefits for all children sharing a classroom with an enrolled EHS CCP child. Examples of layer 2 are Enhanced curriculum, developmental screenings, classroom supplies, paying for teachers to meet the EHS education requirements and increasing staffing to meet EHS required staff-child ratio and group size requirements.  The layer 3 Individual Child and Family is made up of services provided to individual EHS CCP enrolled children and their families. An Example is the salaries and benefits of the family service workers.

Since we know how the funding works, how do children get in the EHS CCP program?

The family must fill out an application meeting the EHS CCP 4 criteria. First child age, the child must be between the ages of infant to three.  Second is income, the family’s income must be within the Head Start income guidelines. The third criteria is the child must receive ELRC.  The family would need to have ELRC or be able to apply and be eligible for funding. The fourth is to attend a partnering daycare. After the application is completed, it is processed for eligibility. After the application id,  children are placed on a waitlist for the center.

What is the benefit of children being in the EHS CCP program?

There are five benefits to EHS CCP. First, the center will be following research-based curriculum and developmental screenings. Second, small ratios and group size. No matter the child’s age we always follow 2:8 ratio in the EHS CCP room.  All rooms must have 2 teachers in the room at all times, no matter how many children are in the room.  Third, to provide support for the family regarding help with social services.  The fourth is weekly monitoring for health and safety issues. Finally, free diaper and wipes are provided for the enrolled EHS CCP child while they are attending the daycare.

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