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When setting up their classrooms, teachers spend many hours to make sure it is the most beneficial for their students learning. They plan for the layout design, decorations on the wall, supplies, toys, and even for a classroom pet. At Head Start of Fayette County’s North Union classroom, Ms. Michele has her classroom setup just the way she wanted with her furniture, toys, and decorations. After browsing on the internet one evening she felt she found a great opportunity to add something to the classroom. An advertisement on the internet webpage she was visiting promoted a “Pets in the Classroom” grant from Petco. The advertisement sparked Ms. Michele’s interest in wanting a pet in the classroom for her students.

The “Pets in the Classroom” grant allows classroom teachers from any school to apply for the grant. The grant was developed to help teach children the responsibility of caring for a pet and to promote the bond of having a pet. Pets in the Classroom allow the teachers to choose small animals such as fish, hermit crabs, or hamsters. Teachers are notified with a certificate of the approval. Coupons are sent allowing the teacher to select a small animal and the starter kit for the cage FREE!!!!!

Ms. Michele applied for the “Pets in the Classroom” grant. She received her certificate and approval letter a week later. Ms. Michele chose a hermit crab as the classroom pet. Although, the hermit crab has not yet arrived to its new home (Petco is currently sold out) the children are busy preparing for its arrival.

In preparation for their new classroom pet, the North Union Head Start classroom has been busy studying hermit crabs using their Smart TV and watching videos about hermit crabs. The videos have helped the class to learn about and care for the hermit crab. They have even been practicing how to care for this pet. Ms. Michele has focused on teaching the children where hermit crabs live, what they eat, and how the classroom is going to have to take care of and nurture the classroom pet. The children are voting on a name for the hermit crab.

Ms. Michele and the entire class are patiently waiting the call from Petco so they can prepare for the delivery of the classroom pet. She plans to read “A House for a Hermit Crab” the day the hermit crab arrives. Ms. Michele, Ms. Christine, Ms. Liz, and Mr. Walter, the entire classroom team, are very appreciative to be awarded this meaningful opportunity for their students at the North Union Head Start to learn about the time and care it takes to have a pet.