How to Use PA CareerLink® to Land Your Dream Job in 2024

Today’s Employers: Outlook for Hiring New Employees

Today’s Employers: Outlook for Hiring New Employees

Today's employers are increasingly focused on finding employees who possess a blend of technical and soft skills. In a rapidly evolving job market driven by technology and globalization, companies seek individuals who can adapt quickly to new technologies and...

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As the year begins, job seekers might feel a sense of urgency to secure employment. Whether you’re actively searching for a new job or looking to ramp up your job-hunting skills, there are many ways the PA CareerLink® assists in providing actionable steps to start the year on a high note in one’s career journey.

One of the ways PA CareerLink® assists job seekers in their career journey is by providing labor market information such as job vacancies and local in-demand positions. At the PA CareerLink®, job seekers can speak with a staff member about the local labor market to find their next career path that suits them. Labor market information on high priority occupations, such as transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and more, is available on the PA CareerLink® website. Job seekers can use the PA CareerLink® website to find and apply for all types of positions that meet their needs.

Not only does the PA CareerLink® offer labor market information, but job seekers can also update their PA CareerLink® resume to reflect their most recent accomplishments. The skills section is a great place to update any new skills a job seeker has learned over the course of the year. Adding new skills to one’s resumé shows interested employers the professional growth accomplished over the course of the year. Be sure to also utilize keywords that are relevant to the positions in which you’re applying. Keywords can be found in the job description, which should be used to help your resumé stand out.

Another way PA CareerLink® can assist job seekers in landing their next job is through SkillUp™ PA. This free online training platform is a great way to learn a new skill when you are between jobs. Over 6,000 training modules and more than 130 industry recognized credentials are available on the SkillUp™ PA platform. Using this platform, found on one’s home page when they log in to their PA CareerLink® account, shows an employer your commitment to professional development.

Starting the year strong in your job search requires a combination of planning, updating and a positive mindset. By coming in and speaking with staff at the PA CareerLink®, job seekers can navigate the job market with ease and increase their chances of landing their next job.

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