Helpful Interview Tips from PIC’s Talent Acquisition Leader

What is Early Head Start Childcare Partnership?

What is Early Head Start Childcare Partnership?

Early Head Start Childcare Partnership (EHS-CCP) is a center-based program for infants and toddlers.  EHS CCP partners with eligible daycares to create EHS CCP infant /toddlers’ rooms within the daycare. But how is this different from the current head start and Pre k...

Beaver County Head Start Hosts Make It Take It Events

Beaver County Head Start Hosts Make It Take It Events

The Beaver County Head Start/ Early Head Start’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Committee has been hosting multiple make it take it events. The committee encourages all program staff to gather with the PBIS committee members to discuss any...

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Listen to the “PIC Podcasts”

Listen to the “PIC Podcasts”

Head Start / Early Head Start FAQs The Private Industry Council discusses frequently asked questions for Head Start and Early Head Start students. Private Industry Council operates the Head Start / Early Head Start program for Beaver and Fayette Counties in the...

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Interviewing tips in today’s job market

As candidates search for the perfect job that fits their career goals, let us take a minute and look at few tips to help you have a successful interview that will allow you the best chance to secure that next job. Listed below are a few tips to keep in mind during your job search. These will help lay the foundation to a solid interview and allow you to have a successful interview in today’s job search. Best of luck!

  1. Research the company:

Always start by researching the company and the job that you are interviewing for. Understand their mission, how your skill sets fit the company’s needs. Google will provide you all you need to know about the company on their web site.

  1. Practice and review interview questions:

Take time and think of questions that might be asked during the interview. This allows you time to prepare your communication skills and gives you time to sell yourself to those interviewing you. You will feel more relaxed and confident during the interviewing process if you prepare and practice ahead of time.

  1. Read the job description:

Get familiar with the job description incase the employee asks questions, it allows you to become familiar with their expectations moving forward in the process.

  1. Dress for interview success:

It is important to make a first impression, which can go a long way with today’s job seekers. Dress as if you mean it. Men: nice shirt, tie is desired or a suit and dress shoes. For women: Nice shirt, dress pants, pantsuit or a dress and shoes. Wear what is most professional and comfortable to you. Show the employer that the interview is important to you and you want the job!

  1. Plan your routine and day:

Be on time, build in your travel time and plan to arrive 15 minutes early. This allows you time to relax and check in. If the interview is on Zoom, check your devices, log in early, and have a contact number just in case something goes wrong with the connection.

  1. Prepare questions to ask at the interview:

The employer has taken the time to interview you, now’s your time to ask some serious questions about the position and employer. This shows that you have done your homework and that the job is important to you.

  1. Follow up:

Take a minute after the interview is completed shake hands and thank everyone who participate in the interview. When you return home, send a thank you email showing that you are still interested in the position and that you are looking forward to hearing from them. This shows the committee that you are caring and interested in the position.

Keep in mind these simple steps will enable you to approach your interview with confidence which will allow you to be successful in your job search. In addition, it is important to follow up with any employer’s phone calls, text and emails considering employment, even if you have taken another opportunity elsewhere. You never know how the job market will play itself out.

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