The Balance: Working from Home

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Picture it, March 2020 the world is experiencing a new Pandemic.  You are a single parent who is now working from home. This story was actually a reality for many parents across the United States.  Then the real struggle of how to balance work and home.  I to have struggled with this.  As management, we are often dealt with different tasks our challenge is how to create a happy balance between the two.  Here are a few suggestions as to how to do this.


My first suggestion to everyone is to create a specific daily schedule for yourself.  Once you have yourself organized then you will be prepared and not scrambling to complete your daily work activities.  This will be done by priority.  Put your top priorities for the day at the top of your list and work your way down.  Also, utilize a calendar.  I cannot tell you how helpful my daily calendar is to me.  It will give me reminders of upcoming things I have on my daily schedule so I do not miss a meeting or deadline.


If you have to work late, then let your family know.  Knowledge and communication is key.  Tell them when you have to work late so they know their expectations for when you come home.  If they know their expectations then when you come home you can have family time.


Create a specific schedule for yourself.  Do NOT change this schedule.  Stick to it.  When you are done with work for the day, do not be tempted to check email.  This defeats the purpose of down time.  Everyone needs a break from work.  Let yourself take yourself away from your job.  This will prevent burn out and fatigue.  It will also give you happiness and ease.