Summer Camp Learns Engineering Principles with “PICsburgh”

PIC PA PreK Counts Students learn about colors and clothing

PIC PA PreK Counts Students learn about colors and clothing

In January, Burchfield students were learning about clothes and for two weeks, students wore a specific color each day.   On January 12 they wore black and yellow to support the Steelers!  This day turned out to be their favorite color day of all!

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Listen to the “PIC Podcasts”

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The youth summer camps at the Private Industry Council are taking it to a new level this year with hands-on engineering and 3D printing!

The students gathered in the Smart Lab to learn the basic operations of 3D drafting tools and then applied basic engineering principles to PIC’s very own model city: PICsburgh.

The city is bustling hub of industry that requires the students to design and print scale examples of dams, bridges, locks, and aqueducts which are not only stylish, but functional.

Along with critical thinking skills and teamwork, attendees of the camp experienced 3D printing firsthand and developed a working understanding of this groundbreaking new technology.

There’s no better way to learn than applying principles to real world applications with hands on effort.

With programs such as our PICsburgh scenario these bright young innovators of tomorrow are developing several new valuable skills!

Camper testimonials:

PICsburgh was a great subject and inspired me to use more artwork for my craft”-Brighton

“It was interesting and PICsburgh was so realistic that is was great to be able to use it to scale” -Tyler

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