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PIC receives state funding for drone educational experience

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Listen to the “PIC Podcasts”

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Learning how to drive can be an experience for all parties involved. While the student is eager to finally get behind the wheel and have their first glimpse of freedom, the person in the passenger’s seat could be feeling some very different emotions. With the COVID-19 pandemic making many sorts of changes on how people would normally do things, students who would normally have had in-school driver’s education training sadly had to be canceled.

The Education and Technology Institute is excited to announce the new Driver’s Education Program. With this program, participants will learn the ways of the road with an experienced, certified driving instructor, Mr. Andy Dorsey. The ETI Drivers Education Program will be located in Greensburg, Lemont Furnace, Monaca, Monessen, New Kensington, and Youngwood. Because there are multiple locations that Mr. Dorsey would teach out of, it makes the Drivers Education Program much more mobile than other programs.


Many schools in the area have gotten rid of their driver’s education courses. While in this program, participants will be provided assistance with permit prep and driving instruction. Students can choose to participate in the permit prep course that costs $50, the driving instruction for $300, or both course for $350.


This program will provide participants with the tools they need to be successful behind the wheel of a car. Participants, and their families, will feel like the student is prepared to operate a car after participating in PIC’s new Driver’s Education Program.


With the Drivers Education Program, ETI is looking to decrease barriers to employment. Some of the biggest barriers to employment is obtaining a driver’s license and securing transportation. Once someone receives their driver’s license, it makes finding a job much easier. In the future, ETI is hoping to expand their Driver’s Education Program to meet different types of vehicle licensing needs.


If you or someone you know is wanting to learn more about the Driver’s Education Program, please contact 724-836-2600


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