Look at me…I can vote at age 3!

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Students in the Pre-K Counts classroom at Wharton Elementary School got a chance to experience voting just like the adults did on Election Day this year.

The project originated when Instructor, Kimberly Brown, heard somebody comment that a 3 year old could never understand the concept of voting. She and support staff Amy Ace-Feher decided that while their students were age 3-5 years, that was no reason they could not comprehend the voting process. Their early childhood education wheels began to turn….soon the classroom was transformed into a mock election site.

Children began creating campaign signs (which had to be removed in a timely manner after the election), receive a voter number, sign in the voter registration, vote and cast ballot for their favorite choices and graph the results from their classroom election. It was an exciting day when the winners were announced….Chocolate milk overwhelmingly won over white and strawberry AND another landslide victory resulted for cereal over muffins and toast!

Kids making signs for voting