52 Father and son-cropped 9-28-16DADS MATTER is a fatherhood program designed to help DADS become more actively engaged in their children’s lives. This individualized program is the only program in Westmoreland, Fayette and Washington counties that during the intake process will align programming services to the needs of each DAD. PIC will accomplish this as it serves 1060 DADS over the next five years.

PIC will reach DADS (biological, expectant, adoptive, stepfathers, and father-figures) with children up to age 24, who are at-risk of poverty, are under or unemployed, teen DADS, those involved in the criminal justice system and those reentering communities after incarceration, and military DADS.

An Individualized Education Employment Plan (IEEP) will be developed by each DAD with the support of the DADS MATTER team. This approach will connect DADS to services and activities which are evidence-based models that will result in direct benefits to their children improve the status of DADS both economically & socially and offer DADS other supportive services. The supportive services to be offered by community partners include: substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling and domestic violence services.

Training areas include: financial literacy, relationship skills, self-awareness & caring for self, fathering & family roles and workforce training and development. Numerous strategies will be utilized to keep DADS engaged and motivated to participate in the evidence-based curricula with the use of incentives and recognition of progress.

For more information please call our DADS MATTER team in Greensburg at