• Family Development Credential Class of 2015!

    The Head Start/Early Head [HS/EHS] of Fayette County is pleased to announce its most recent Family Development Credential [FDC] graduating class.

    Paula Johnston, Brenda Magill, April Linnell, Brogan DeCarlo, Sue Coller, Lisa Seese, Eric Lilley,Sara Remington, Stacey Delaney and Leslee Wettgen.

    In 2013, the HS/EHS program began its first cohort of FDC classes. The FDC™ program collaborates with agencies to teach family workers how to coach families to set and reach their goals for healthy self-reliance. The National FDC Program is offered from the University of Connecticut in a joint partnership with the Center for Culture, Health & Human Development and the Center for Environmental Health & Health Promotion. To earn the FDC™, a front-line worker must take 90 hours of classes based on Empowerment Skills for Family Workers (3rd edition, Forest 2015), complete a portfolio documenting their ability to apply these concepts and skills, and pass a standardized exam.

    To date, the HS/EHS program has had 30 participants successfully complete this program.  This added credential has helped us build stronger partnerships with the families we serve. This stronger partnership helps support family well-being and helps families to meet their goals for themselves and their children. Research shows that strong, healthy families give their children the best chance at success in school and in life.

    For more information on the National Family Development Credential, please visit

  • Volunteer to Outwit Feeling Old

    Volunteer to Outwit Feeling Old

    We only feel old when we do nothing.
    You have the power to change that right now -- through volunteer service. A core value of our country, volunteering can impact the community we live in. If you want to volunteer but you're not sure where to start think about your passions. Organizations that share similar passions would love to have you support their cause by offering your skills, expertise, experience and time. Your selfless act of giving may transform the organization, or help a member of your community. What's your passion? Helping a homeless family? Raising funds for charity? Helping a neglected animal? Helping a child learn? The community benefits of volunteer service are numerous, but did you know it can benefit you too?

    People who volunteer:
    • Make friends, connect to others
    • Strengthen relationships
    • Gain person satisfaction
    • Make a difference
    • Enhance social networks
    • Increase relationship skills
    • Gain valuable experience, even job skills
    • Combat depression and isolation
    • Exercise mental well-being
    • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Reduce stress levels, elevate mood
    • Advance in career contacts
    • Explore interests in a fun and easy way
    • Stay active
    • Gain independence
    • Pass knowledge on to others

    There are volunteer opportunities through the Private Industry Council's Foster Grandparent Program.

    Recruiting Seniors 55+
    Support children in educational settings
    Join Today!
    Call 724-728-2110 or 724-437-2590

  • November 2014 Calendar of Events

    Be sure to check out the November 2014 PIC Calendar of Events. It provides a rundown of all the great things that are happening at PIC! In this edition, you'll find information about workshops, career fairs, Family Literacy events, training opportunities, new PA Pre-K Counts classrooms in Beaver, Fayette, and Westmoreland counties, and much more! To access the calendar, just click here.

  • Head Start of Beaver County Updates

    On September 9, 2013, the Head Start of Beaver County started classes under the direction of the Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. (PIC), as the new grantee.  The program offers 18 single-session classrooms, 3 double-session classrooms, and 2 home-based areas. Together these classrooms and areas serve a total of 478 children throughout the county.

  • A Practical Way to Pinch Pennies

    Walk into any Walmart in late October and you will see the aisles jam-packed with children and parents brimming over with excitement for the upcoming winter and holiday season. Along with this anticipation of the holiday season also comes financial stressors for families.

  • Family Literacy Event Coming in November

    PIC's Family Literacy program will be holding an event in November.  Please click here for further information.

  • JET New Kensington Reaches Out to Residents Facing Barriers to Employment

    The Jobs, Education, and Training Program (JET) first began providing services in the Monessen area in February 2012 as a pilot program. Since March 2013, the focus has been in the New Kensington, Arnold, and Lower Burrell area.

  • Stress Management for Parents

    Parenting can be very stressful. Sometimes stress is caused by outside sources, and sometimes we place stress on ourselves unnecessarily. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, a single parent or a married parent, mother or father, parent of one child or several children, staying calm and cool can help you get through the day. Stress management tips and relaxation exercises have proven useful to adults whether or not they are a parent.

  • PIC Director Receives 2013 Jennie Carter Leadership Award

    Congratulations to Shujuane Martin, PIC's Director of Head Start, Early Head Start, and PA Pre-K Counts in Fayette County. She is the recipient of the 2013 Jennie Carter Leadership Award. The award was presented to her at a luncheon held October 8, 2013, at California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U). 

  • Day of Giving 2012 Instructions

    The Day of Giving 2012 is October 3 -- it's a chance to maximize the impact of your donations!

  • Day of Giving 2012

    The Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. (PIC), will be participating in the Day of Giving this year. We hope that you'll support us and help us get the word out! But first, here are the answers to a few of the pressing questions you might have about the Day of Giving.


    There will be a School Bus CDL certification class sponsored by the Head Start/EHS of Fayette County on the following dates & times:

    Saturday, November 3rd FCP Conference Room at North Union Registration & Document Review 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Certification Classroom Training 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Thursday, November 8th * FCP Conference Room at North Union Commercial Driver's Manual Training 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    * ("New" CDL drivers that need to learn from the Commercial Driver's Manual)

    Saturday, November 17th FCP Conference Room at North Union Certification Classroom Training 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    The CDL school bus certification training is FREE and consists of 14 hours in the classroom training (minimum) from the Pennsylvania School Bus Driver's Manual and 6 hours (minimum) of in-bus training (20 hours total). The certification class is open to anyone interested in obtaining a School Bus Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

    A valid CDL permit and proof of personal insurance is required prior to driving a school bus on the road for in-bus training. Individuals must pass a CDL school bus physical prior to obtaining a CDL permit (there is a CDL permit fee that individuals must pay to Harrisburg). In-bus training will be scheduled on an individual basis (according to the Department of Transportation regulations) by the CDL school bus instructor after successful completion of the CDL school bus classroom training.

    You must call Harry Metz at 724-430-4818 (ext. 103) to sign-up for the class no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, November 2nd, 2012.

  • It's that time of year again-fall leaves are changing and Community Assessment surveys are circulating throughout Fayette County!

    As an administrator of the Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Fayette County, we're required to complete a detailed Community Assessment of the county every three years. In the interim years, we update the assessment. By putting together this assessment, we're better able to gauge how we can adjust the program to better serve the needs of families and the community at large.

    Census numbers and other statistics provide an excellent starting point for determining strengths and needs within the community. However, the best source of information is people!

    Here's where you can help us. If you live in Fayette County, one of these surveys may apply to you. If it does, please take a few minutes to answer the questions. Thank you so much for your time and help! Please submit surveys by November 2, 2012.

    2012 Parent Survey of Head Start - Center-Based

    Do you have a child who attends a Head Start of Fayette County classroom? If so, please help us determine how the Head Start classrooms are doing by taking this survey.

    2012 Parent Survey of Head Start - Home Based

    Do you have a child who is part of Head Start in Fayette County but rather than being in a classroom he/she has somebody come visit? If so, please help us determine how the home-based Head Start program is doing by taking this survey.

    2012 Parent Survey of Early Head Start

    Do you have a child who is currently part of the Early Head Start program in Fayette County? If so, please help us determine how the Early Head Start program is doing by taking this survey.

    2012 Fayette County Survey of Families not using Head Start/Early Head Start

    Do you live in Fayette County and have child between the ages of birth and 5 who is not in the Head Start or Early Head Start program? If so, please help us better understand your needs by taking this survey.

    2012 HS/EHS of Fayette County Community Partners

    Are you a part of an organization that works with-or could work with-the Fayette County Head Start/Early Head Start programs? If so, please help us better understand your organization and the community and people you serve by taking this survey.

    Thank you for taking the time to fill out a survey! We greatly appreciate your feedback.


    Dreams will take flight throughout Allegheny, Fayette and Westmoreland counties on Thursday, October 18, as the Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. (PIC), hosts the annual Lights On Afterschool event.

    Each year afterschool programs throughout the United States organize Lights On Afterschool activities to highlight the good things that afterschool programs do-including keeping kids safe and promoting academic success. PIC will be hosting events at 15 of its afterschool program locations on October 18.

    Elementary, middle and high school students involved in PIC's Afterschool Enrichment Program: Sharing Time and Engaging Minds, which is funded through 21st Century Community Learning Center grants, will have a chance to write their dreams, aspirations and wishes on a slip of paper and tie these to helium-filled balloons. The balloons will be released simultaneously at all 15 locations.

    The balloons will carry the students' dreams as well as PIC's contact information so that anyone who finds them can report the discovery. This is the second year for the balloon release. Last year's student wishes included such things as making better grades and being a better person-and one wish-bearing balloon made it as far as Maine.

    According to Julia Sefcheck, PIC's youth supervisor, one of the challenges that her staff has encountered is a lack of long-term dreams in many of the students the program works with. Writing out their dreams and goals helps students to think more concretely about what they want to do in the future.

    The Afterschool Enrichment Program encourages students to explore their potential and develop skills and confidence. Andreia Sands, a youth specialist with PIC, said the program offers a "safe environment where [students] can be creative, feel welcome and be respected for who they are."

    PIC's afterschool programs are held in schools throughout Allegheny, Fayette and Westmoreland counties and help to improve reading and math skills through homework assistance; encourage students to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through fun activities; promote the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle and encourage kids to develop social skills through interaction with peers.

    Perhaps most importantly, programs provide a place where students can explore and develop dreams.

    This year's annual Lights On Afterschool event will begin at 4:30 p.m. at locations throughout southwestern Pennsylvania:

    • McKee Elementary School in Jeannette
    • Connellsville Junior High School in Connellsville
    • Lafayette Elementary and Middle School in Uniontown
    • Ben Franklin Elementary School in Uniontown
    • Uniontown High School in Uniontown
    • Menallen Elementary School in Uniontown
    • George Plava Elementary School in McClellandtown
    • Masontown Elementary School in Masontown
    • Albert Gallatin North Middle School in McClellandtown
    • Albert Gallatin South Middle School in Point Marion
    • Highlands Middle School in Natrona Heights
    • Brownsville Middle School in Brownsville
    • Brownsville High School in Brownsville
    • Monessen Middle School in Monessen
    • Belmar Middle School in Belle Vernon

    Balloons carrying dreams will be released simultaneously at 5 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend to learn more about the program, watch the balloon release and enjoy light refreshments.

    PIC, a nonprofit organization based in Greensburg, Pa., is dedicated to building tomorrow's workforce in southwestern Pennsylvania through early childhood development, employment and training, education and business services. The organization's youth programs operate summer and afterschool programs and help young adults develop skills and connect with the resources they need to successfully find employment.


    Ribbon Cutting October 2012 127
    On October 9, the Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. (PIC), marked an exciting milestone with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

    This spring the organization broke ground for a 3,650 square foot building expansion at its headquarters office on 219 Donohoe Road, Greensburg. Completed earlier this summer, the expansion project, which totaled approximately $475,000, includes three classrooms, a computer lab/classroom, three offices and 40 additional parking spaces.

    "It has always been our mission to assist individuals in moving into self-sustaining employment," said Tim Yurcisin, President and CEO at PIC. "The extra space will complement this mission, enabling PIC to expand and enhance its educational and workforce development services and allowing the organization to impact even more individuals who are facing workforce- and education-related barriers."

    The expansion was made possible through a grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation, a Community Development Block Grant from Westmoreland County, revenue from PIC's Education and Technology Institute (ETI) and private donations.

    To celebrate the completion of the expansion project, PIC hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 9. U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy delivered the keynote address. Pennsylvania State Rep. and PIC board member R. Ted Harhai and Westmoreland County commissioners Charles W. Anderson, Tyler Courtney and Ted Kopas also spoke.

    PIC offered tours of the new facility before and after the ceremony, enabling guests to see the classrooms first-hand. Visitors also had an opportunity to learn more about PIC programs, including ETI and adult education, through displays with sample student projects.

    "My hope is that the ribbon cutting will draw attention to the good things that ETI and PIC are doing," said Janet Ward, Assistant Director of Education at PIC.

    For additional pictures of the event, please click here.

  • PIC's Kara Kerlin is accepted into the Fayette Leadership Program

    The Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. is proud to announce that PA CareerLink Account Representative, Kara Kerlin, has been accepted into a nine month Fayette Leadership Program. This program was developed for young professionals by young professionals and is sponsored by the Fayette Chamber of Commerce. The program will cover all aspects of leadership with input from many business leaders of Fayette County.

    Throughout the nine months of Leadership Fayette, topics to be covered will include: Being a Leader, Recognizing Your Traits, Recognizing Your Philosophy and Style of Leadership, Authoritarian, Democratic, and Laissez-Faire Styles of Leadership, Attending to Tasks and Relationships, Administrative Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Conceptual Skills, Creating a Vision, Setting the Tone, Listening to Out-Group Members, Overcoming Obstacles, and Addressing Ethics in Leadership.

    Kara's direct supervisor, John Evans, had this to say in regard to Kara being accepted into the Fayette Leadership program, "Kara will do a great job, she has a lot of natural ability and this will certainly draw upon that. The Leadership Program is a wonderful opportunity for both Kara and the Private Industry Council."


  • If you ever thought about becoming a Nurse Aide,NOW is the time!

    The Education and Technology Institute will be holding their new Nurse Aide Training Program this November with a Two Week Pre-Training & CPR Certification followed by the actual 14 Day Theory & Clinical Training.

    Students in the Nurse Aide Training program will gain the necessary knowledge to prepare them for the Certified Nurse Aide Exam. The mandatory Pre-Training will educate you with the basics of nursing, patient care, and the courses that you will need to be ready for the Theory & Clinical portions of your training. "I would not have this job, if it weren't for the amazing staff and teachers, and the education I received was totally top-notch!" said a recent ETI graduate.

    ETI will be offering an Information Session at 219 Donohoe Road, Greensburg, Pa. at the following times:

    Thursday, October 20, 2011 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm

    Anyone wishing to enroll in ETI's Nurse Aide Training Program can call ETI at 724-836-2395 x279.

  • Vote fore PIC's Head Start!!

    The Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. has entered our Head Start program into the CITGO Fueling Good competition. During the Fall of 2011, CITGO is awarding 24 charities with gas cards throughout the year, totaling $5,000 per winning organization.

    This is where YOU come in. We need YOUR vote to win! Individuals are able to vote once per day from any one computer, so please put the link below into your favorites, and vote everyday from today through October 27, 2011.


    Head Start of Fayette County currently serves over 800 children and families in Fayette County, PA. In order to get the children from home to the classroom, PIC provides daily busing free of charge to the families.

    The PIC Head Start of Fayette County offers a program that promotes school readiness and enhances social and cognitive development through the provision of health, educational, nutritional, social, and other necessary services with the objective that the families and their children will be healthy, confident, and better prepared to succeed in life.

    To learn more about Head Start, please visit

    And thank you for your vote!!

  • The Private Industry Council Sponsors a Lights On Afterschool Event

    Lights On Afterschool 2010On Thursday, October 21, 2010, the Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc., (PIC) sponsored a "Lights On Afterschool" event in support of after school programs. For more "Lights On Afterschool" event pictures, go here.

    Lights On Afterschool 2010Students and parents alike enjoyed this year’s event! The theme for the event was a Fall Festival that provided students at Lafayette and Menallen Elementary Schools (in the Uniontown Area School District) the opportunity to engage in some traditional fall activities. Students had the chance to decorate mini pumpkins, play candy corn bingo, participate in pumpkin bowling, and create light bulb art to showcase the importance of the "Lights On Afterschool" message.

    Lights On Afterschool 2010This year, 7,585 afterschool programs all over the nation celebrated Pennsylvania’s 11th annual "Lights On Afterschool", which is a proclamation of the importance of afterschool activities. There were over 300 registered events in Pennsylvania alone!

    PIC is currently operating several 21st Century Community Learning Centers in Fayette County. The primary focus of these centers is to address the needs of targeted at-risk students and Lights On Afterschool 2010their families in academic, character, social, and cultural education activities that improve scholastic performance and individual development. The 21st Century Community Learning Center Program has made after school programs available to hundreds of thousands of children across the nation over the last decade. Still, funding has not kept up with demand and millions of children are alone and unsupervised each afternoon after the school days ends.

    Lights On Afterschool 2010The Private Industry Council afterschool programs in Lafayette and Menallen Elementary Schools are held Monday through Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m. In addition, the Private Industry Council administrates afterschool programs to middle schools in the Uniontown, Connellsville, and Albert Gallatin Area School Districts and middle and secondary schools in the Brownsville Area School District.

    For more information about these programs pleased contact Andreia Sands at 724-437-2590 ext. 325.