November 2014 Calendar of Events

Be sure to check out the November 2014 PIC Calendar of Events. It provides a rundown of all the great things that are happening at PIC! In this edition, you'll find information about workshops, career fairs, Family Literacy events, training opportunities, new PA Pre-K Counts classrooms in Beaver, Fayette, and Westmoreland counties, and much more! To access the calendar, just click here.

Creating a Pleasant Bedtime Routine as a Family

Bedtime routines are a very important part of the beginning of the school year.  Establishing a bedtime routine that is consistent and meaningful can build on parent and child interactions to develop relationships that are positive and thrive. Utilizing this time with children can make for a smooth transition to bedtime, which will ensure children are getting enough sleep every night—and this, in turn, makes the mornings a much more pleasant experience for children and parents.

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Family Literacy Evening Activity for October

dinoPIC’s Family Literacy programs in Uniontown and Greensburg will be hosting parent/child evening interactive literacy activities with a dinosaur hunt theme in October! Be sure to check out the details by clicking here!

Family Literacy Helps Parents be their Child’s First Teacher

The leaves are falling and autumn is in the air.  The children are back on their school schedules.  When you think about school and when you were a student, do you remember who your favorite teacher was?   Most of us remember our favorite teacher as having set up a fun learning environment (classroom); these men and women pushed us lovingly and challenged us to always do our best.

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They say that confession is good for the soul. So these are my "momfessions." You know, the deep dark secrets of parenthood that nobody likes to talk about. All of you other parents out there can read them. Perhaps you will find comfort in my quirkiness. Or maybe you will have something in common with me, and realize that the strange little thought rolling around in your mind isn't so strange after all. Or maybe you will just get a little chuckle.

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